How to Use the MyCadillac App

myCadillac App

Unlocking the full potential of your new Cadillac vehicle is made possible with the MyCadillac Mobile App, offered in partnership with OnStar Link. After you’ve made your purchase or signed your lease, it’s easy to control many of your new vehicle features right from your iPhone or Android device. To get started, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play stores, and search for “MyCadillac App.” Log in using, or your current MyCadillac username and password. Then, try out the following functions in this handy guide from Quantrell Cadillac in Lexington.

MyCadillac Remote Start App

Convenience and control are well within reach using your MyCadillac Mobile App. No other luxury brand like Cadillac offers so many features. Users are particularly fond of the MyCadillac Remote Start capability, which enables you to start your vehicle right from your smartphone. Once you’re signed in, simply open the app and locate the function on your app’s dashboard to use it.

MyCadillac Wi-Fi Hotspot and Data

Many Cadillac vehicles come with a built-in mobile hotspot to give drivers and passengers efficient and effective access to services like navigation and entertainment. The MyCadillac App comes with 3GB of free data that’s good for three months after you sign up. Once you hit either of those limits, more data can be easily purchased right from the app on the same dashboard where you access its additional functions.

MyCadillac Navigation and Diagnostics

Your vehicle’s display can be easily controlled using the MyCadillac App. Using the app, you can easily view vehicle diagnostics, and send destinations to your vehicle’s navigation system. That makes it easier to keep your eyes on the road as you drive, without having to look at your mobile device to follow directions on your way to your destination.

MyCadillac OnStar Capability

Finding yourself in a jam while you’re traveling? MyCadillac’s partnership with OnStar makes it easy to find a nearby Cadillac dealership, schedule service, or call for roadside assistance. Looking for more information on warranty programs that make this service even easier? Visit your Cadillac owner center for more help, or contact an OnStar advisor to learn more about these services for better peace of mind.

Quantrell Cadillac Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Using your new MyCadillac mobile app helps you unlock your vehicle’s best performance, and makes your drives feel shorter and safer. Once you have it available on your smartphone, contact us and we can show you how to rearrange your mobile dashboard so your most-used functions are easily accessible. Combined, these capabilities keep you in the driver’s seat of your new vehicle, even when you’re nowhere near it. Contact us today with any questions.

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