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Shopping for a Cadillac electric vehicle can feel exciting but a little intimidating, especially with all the new information available about EVs. We hope our guide on electric Cadillac models can help put your mind at ease regarding this new area of the automotive world – and the future of driving.

Learn about EV advantages, how they charge, and available tax credits you may be eligible for when you purchase one. After reading, experience the thrill of a Cadillac electric vehicle in our Quantrell Cadillac showroom.

Electric Vehicle Advantages

Choosing an all-electric vehicle may feel different, but the perks speak for themselves. Because electric models don't have an engine, you can say goodbye to the gas pump and oil changes, meaning more savings on routine service center appointments.

Plus, electric vehicles tend to have better performance specifications with more horsepower and instant torque than their gas-only counterparts. You may also notice smoother handling and gear shifting from EV models, less noise, and fewer smells since there are zero emissions.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Charging your EV isn't complicated and can be done overnight in most cases. There are typically three levels of charging. Level 1 home charging takes the longest amount of time and delivers a few miles to your battery every hour. Level 2 charging is another home-charging method; it requires a home installation and cuts down the time it takes to charge significantly – typically taking you to a full charge overnight with ease. The most efficient charge comes from a DC Fast Charging station. These public stations give you hundreds of miles of range in less than an hour.

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Some electric vehicle purchases may make you eligible for a federal tax credit. One of the three Cadillac electric vehicle options included in the selection of vehicles that can help you save at tax time is the Cadillac LYRIQ. Many EVs aren't eligible for a federal tax credit due to stricter new guidelines, but they may be eligible for state tax credits that can help offset costs. Our finance center team can walk you through why the LYRIQ qualifies for federal credits while other automakers do not.

Power Up With the 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ

Power Up With the 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ

One of the latest Cadillac electric vehicle releases is the new Cadillac LYRIQ, a sophisticated SUV capable of traveling up to 314 miles1 on all-electric power with either one or two powerful motors. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is available, and the vehicle seats up to five in high-end comfort. Enjoy 28 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear row, which expands to 60.8 cubic feet with the rear row folded.

Here at Quantrell Cadillac, we're also looking forward to the arrival of the new Escalade IQ as well as the ability to custom-order the incredible CELESTIQ, two electric-capable vehicles with different specs and perks than the Cadillac LYRIQ. Contact us to schedule a tour of the LYRIQ and learn more about the Escalade IQ and CELESTIQ.

Enjoy Your Electric Vehicle Benefits With the Cadillac LYRIQ

Our Cadillac dealer in Lexington, KY, is happy to be home to a sophisticated selection of electric-capable vehicles, including the Cadillac LYRIQ. The automotive future is headed in an electrified direction, and we hope this guide has helped you understand this cutting-edge technology more.

Our advisors are ready to help pair you with the model that you like most. Plus, ask about our new vehicle specials to learn how you can save.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Cadillac LYRIQ battery last?

Your Cadillac LYRIQ battery is designed to last the entire life of the vehicle, and since the 2024 model delivers up to 314 miles1 of all-electric range on a single charge, that's a lot of adventures. However, if you notice any trouble in service, you can rest easy knowing your Cadillac LYRIQ comes with an eight-year/100,000-mile electric vehicle propulsion battery limited warranty.2

Does the Cadillac LYRIQ qualify for federal tax credit?

The 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ is eligible for a federal tax credit that can help you save more when you file. This tax credit is only eligible for the purchase of electric vehicles or qualifying plug-in hybrids that work to reduce harmful emissions using American-sourced materials. To learn more about this tax credit or get cost estimations, book an appointment with our Quantrell Cadillac finance team.

How much does it cost to replace the battery in a Cadillac electric car?

The cost to replace your Cadillac electric battery can vary. However, you can get some added peace of mind from the eight-year/100,000-mile electric vehicle propulsion battery limited warranty2 included with your purchase of the Cadillac LYRIQ. This warranty can help offset the costs of a battery replacement or repair. Ask our advisors for more details while exploring our showroom.

1On a full charge. Actual range may vary based on several factors, including ambient temperature, terrain, battery age and condition, loading, and how you use and maintain your vehicle.

2Warranties listed on this web page shall not be solely relied upon. Warranties may be subject to specific terms, restrictions, exclusions, and fees. Additional warranty information may be obtained by visiting the official website of the warranty provider. Contact our dealership for complete details.

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