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Auto Repair Service Near Louisville, KY

At our Cadillac dealership near Louisville, we have an auto repair shop you can actually trust with your vehicle. At Quantrell Cadillac in Lexington, our factory-certified technicians are here to help you with whatever you need. Need transmission service? How about a routine oil change? No matter what it is, our mechanics are here to get the job done right. We are here to respect your time and your vehicle. We offer efficient service, and our shelves are stocked with state-of-the-art technology and parts that will keep your vehicle running like new. Ready for service? Please keep reading to learn more and then schedule one with us.

Service Specials

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Why You Can Trust Our Auto Repair Shop Near Louisville

Your car is essential. It gets you to and from where you need to be and keeps you safe on the road. Your job is to love your vehicle, and our job is to make sure it keeps operating in tip-top shape for as long as you have it. Our highly-trained technicians have seen it all. There isn't a problem too big for us.

One of the most significant issues we see is people who trust their beloved Cadillac vehicle in the hands of a quick-repair shop they find online. Customers have come to us with broken aftermarket parts, improperly-installed batteries, and more. That quick-repair shop may promise you a "great price," but you'll likely end up paying for it in many big ways down the line:

  • You drive unsafely with an improperly-installed part
  • You lose your warranty for not using Cadillac-certified parts
  • You get in an accident and end up paying more money for bigger repairs

That's why you should schedule an auto repair service with us. Our auto repair shop specialists know the ins and outs of every Cadillac vehicle. No matter your year make, model, trim, or powertrain, they have the expertise and Cadillac-certified pieces that fit your vehicle perfectly. We will also greet you with friendly and transparent service. We won't make you buy anything you don't need, and we always offer service specials to help you pay for anything you do need. Please read below to learn more about some of our most common offerings.

Schedule a Service With Us

At our auto repair shop, you don't have to worry about a thing. We are here to give you expert service. Don't try to diagnose your vehicle's issues yourself. Trust us and schedule service with us today!

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Tires For Sale at Quantrell Cadillac

Our tire shop is stocked with the best brands and options for your vehicle. Whether you need a new tire because you've got a flat or you just want to explore our performance-enhanced or weather-specific tires, the team at our auto repair shop can help you. We also perform service maintenance like tire alignment, tire rotation, tire patching, tire pressure, and much more. We advise that you keep an eye on your tires to make sure they aren't too worn down. Driving on heavily-worn tires can greatly interfere with your safety. If you're having any tire-related issues, we are here!

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Oil Change Service near Louisville

Is it time for your routine oil change service? Come to our auto repair shop! We have a large variety of both synthetic and conventional oil and will let you know which product on our shelf is best for your Cadillac car. We know that oil changes can be tedious, and we promise to do our best to get you in and out of our auto repair shop as quickly as possible. You can choose to wait in our beautiful facility or come back and pick up your vehicle later. Need help figuring out when you are due for an oil change? We can easily help you figure out that interval as well!

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Battery Replacement Service

Your battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without a fully-charged and properly-working battery, you can run into many issues. Is your car having trouble turning on? Is your infotainment screen black? Are your headlights more dull than usual? These may be signs that you need a battery replacement. Our service team will make sure your battery is charged properly and help you find the right battery if you need a replacement. Most importantly, we will make sure your battery is installed properly. That way, you don't run into more issues!

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Brake Service near Louisville

It goes without saying that without a working brake system, you could be in serious trouble. If you notice that your car is not coming to a complete stop when braking or squeaking when you press the brake, it may be time for a brake replacement. Your braking system has so many intricate pieces that make it function well. Our team will check your brake pads, master cylinder, anti-locking system, rotors, cylinders, and drums. If we see any issues, we will make sure to perform a brake replacement on any or all of those parts.

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