A Guide To Factory Resetting Your Cadillac Cue System

Cadillac CUE

Cadillac CUE is refined, seamless, and modern, designed to keep your eyes on the road and your passengers happy – yet even the most sophisticated infotainment system has the occasional challenge. If your CUE programming has been acting up, don’t stress! We’re here to help.

“CUE” stands for Cadillac User Experience, and the CUE system is the infotainment system that typically includes your car’s navigation software, vehicle controls, and connected audio integration like Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™. If you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle’s software, you may be wondering how to factory reset the Cadillac CUE. If so, our tips and tricks will help walk you through this simple process.

Tackle any infotainment issue by following the CUE factory reset steps outlined below, or contact our dealership’s service center for personalized support.

Pull The Plug: A Reset Guide for Cadillac CUE

Modern technology helps us in many ways, though sometimes the technology needs our help. Some common signs a Cadillac CUE factory reset is necessary include a blank LCD screen, the rear camera not working when you shift into reverse, or the AC failing to turn on. The great news is there are a few ways to resolve your Cadillac CUE issues at home.

Battery Check

If your CUE system screen is frozen or unresponsive, we recommend checking your battery life first. If your battery is weak or old, accessories are affected first, which could be the source of your problem. Test your battery at home or bring your vehicle into our service center for assistance.

Screen Replacement

Over time, your vehicle’s CUE system screen may develop a few spots that don’t respond to touch or tap anymore. If this is the case with your screen, you can have a new Cadillac CUE screen installed by our technicians.

Factory Reset

If you need to return your CUE system to factory settings and your display is still functional, touch “Return to Factory Settings” on your infotainment screen, then touch “Reset.”

If the functions you want to reset are connected to registering or unregistering remote keys, changing Teen Driver settings, or accessing Report Card data, you’ll need to touch “Settings” on the Home screen, then “Vehicle” and then input your PIN. Forgot your PIN? Come see us! We’ve got you covered.

Now that you’re the master of your machine and can perform a Cadillac CUE factory reset, don’t be surprised if your friends make you the go-to for their CUE reset needs (Once they’ve also purchased a new Cadillac model for sale in Lexington, of course).

Frequently Asked Questions About Cadillac CUE

What is the CUE system in a Cadillac vehicle?

“CUE” is an acronym for Cadillac User Experience. The primary goal of the Cadillac User Experience, or CUE, system is seamless user connectivity to digital features. You can access your vehicle’s CUE system via the infotainment screen to control streaming content, navigation, vehicle controls, and more. Features can be accessed by touch screen or voice command, so you’ll be less distracted while driving.

Can Cadillac CUE be updated?

Yes! When you bring your vehicle in for service, we always check for required updates, but your CUE system may also allow for OTA, or over-the-air, updates. Your vehicle utilizes OnStar OTA technology to monitor and automatically download Cadillac CUE updates. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to install the updates and make sure your vehicle has good internet connectivity.

How do I watch videos on my Cadillac CUE?

The Cadillac CUE screen does not play videos to make sure that drivers and passengers are as safe as possible. You can choose to play DVDs via the CUE video icon, but only when your vehicle is parked and stationary. If your model is equipped, you can also play rear-seat entertainment for children and other passengers while the vehicle is in motion.

How much does it cost to replace a Cadillac CUE?

If your vehicle is still under warranty, which typically lasts for four years or 50,000 miles,1 your CUE system replacement may be covered. Typical after-warranty replacement costs range from several hundred dollars or higher, depending on your vehicle. You can determine the replacement cost of your specific CUE system by reaching out to our Quantrell Cadillac team and providing your VIN.

Is Cadillac CUE under warranty?

Your entire Cadillac vehicle is typically covered for four years or 50,000 miles1 from defects in materials or workmanship. If you have purchased a pre-owned Cadillac outside of this warranty period, you may be able to purchase a third-party warranty or opt for an extended limited warranty from our finance department that provides coverage on these types of repairs.

Why is my Cadillac CUE touch screen not working?

There are a few reasons why your touch screen may not work. First, check your battery. A weak or depleted battery stops charging accessories first, so replacing the battery could resolve your problem. Next, check for unresponsive spots on your CUE system screen to see if you need a screen replacement. Lastly, perform the factory reset steps listed above to get your Cadillac CUE system back to factory settings.

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Long after you drive your beautiful new Cadillac model home, the Quantrell team is here. We’ve got brilliant technicians who perform detail and collision services, and we even offer home pick-up and delivery services. Our experts are trained to provide Cadillac Technology and Concierge services, which include personalized tutorials and software updates.

We go the extra mile to notify customers of important factory information like Cadillac CUE screen recalls, service campaigns, and updates when needed. When you schedule your next maintenance appointment at our service center, ask if Cadillac CUE repair is covered under your car’s warranty.

If you operate a third-party service center and need more information on replacement parts, you can find the Cadillac CUE system for sale here, too. No matter what Cadillac service you need, we’re here to help.

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