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Cabin Air Filter Replacement In Lexington, KY

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

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A cabin air filter replacement is a service that goes a long way for your comfort. The quality materials and advanced technologies in your Cadillac vehicle’s cabin are great, but as you use them, you’re breathing in outside air, which contains kicked-up dust, pollen, pollution, allergens, and many more contaminants. In order to have the best on-road luxury experience, you want that air to be fresh and free from harmful contaminants.

That’s the role of a cabin air filter; it cleans and purifies the air you breathe while inside your car, giving you a better driving experience. With a clean cabin air filter, that’ll be the case, but as you drive, those contaminants will clog the filter and reduce its effectiveness. When that happens, you’ll need a cabin air filter replacement to maintain your behind-the-wheel comfort.

Learn more about cabin air filters below, and schedule your savings-filled filter replacement in Lexington, KY, today.

How Often Should You Replace Your Cabin Air Filter?

After explaining what a cabin air filter is, the most common question that we hear is “How often should you replace your cabin air filter?” Cabin air filter designs can vary by model, but as a general rule, you should get a Cadillac cabin air filter replacement at around 15,000 to 30,000 miles or every one to two years.

As a general guide, the following symptoms show that your cabin air filter is clogged and in need of replacement:

  • Decreased airflow from cabin air vents
  • Musty or unusual odors emanating from cabin air vents
  • Cabin heating and cooling is less effective
  • Climate control fans are louder than usual

As a cabin air filter absorbs outside dirt and contaminants, the time and mileage recommended in between a cabin air filter replacement can vary drastically depending on where and how you drive. For example, if you head down dirt roads frequently, you’ll likely need to order cabin air filters and schedule a replacement at the bottom of that replacement interval, or sometimes even sooner.

But if you only drive on open highways, the cabin air filter can last much longer. When you come in for your next oil change or other service, we can inspect your cabin air filter and determine an estimate for when you need your next cabin air filter replacement.

But that brings us to the question of “What happens if you don’t change cabin air filter?” Read on to find the answer.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Cabin Air Filter?

Nothing good. As explained, a cabin air filter keeps your car’s interior air quality at optimal levels. Without the filter doing its job, pollen and pollution can enter your Cadillac vehicle’s cabin, triggering allergies and other health problems. Even if you don’t have pollen allergies or respiratory issues, not getting a cabin air filter replacement can lead to unpleasant odors in your cabin and ineffective heating/cooling from your climate control system.

Decreased comfort is not the only problem with a failed cabin air filter, as decreased safety can arise too. With a clogged air filter, the windows may fog up faster and clear slower than usual, decreasing visibility when on the road.

Whenever symptoms like poor climate control effectiveness arise, visit our auto repair center in Lexington, KY for a quick cabin air filter change.

Save On The Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost At Quantrell Cadillac

A cabin air filter replacement with us is both quick and competitively priced. Discover our service coupons to save on the air filter cost, and schedule cabin air filter replacement today to get your cabin air quality back to optimal levels.

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