Sell Car Online Near Cincinnati, OH

Alright, it’s time to sell your car online, and we’re going to tell you how. If you live anywhere near Cincinnati, then you know city life can add a bit of stress to just about anything — not to mention when it comes time to sell a car online. Will your buyer be legit? Will you get what you ask for? Will they leave you alone when something goes wrong with the car in a few months? Quantrell Cadillac, your new car dealer near Cincinnati, is going to give you our best tips for a successful sale and point out some hidden liabilities that might make you rethink your strategy.

How To Sell a Car Online

Maybe you’ve just come reeling from a lowball offer someplace. Maybe you’ve seen some crazy things happen on auction sites for sellers with like vehicles. Whatever your reason, trying to sell a car online seems like a good idea. There are definitely some liabilities that you’ll want to prepare for down the road, but if you’re moving forward with it, here are some must-dos:

  • Find your title
  • Describe all vehicle service points and current issues
  • Clean her up and take a few dozen clear pictures
  • Have any and all service records present
  • Have any recent vehicle inspection documents present
  • Speak with an attorney about drafting a bill of sale
  • Be the seller you would want to buy from

These may sound silly, obvious, or even excessive. But think about it. Have you ever been burned purchasing a used vehicle? So put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. That’s what we do here at Quantrell Cadillac. We take every step we can to ensure confidence in our buyers. When you take those recommendations to heart, you’ll see dividends in your favor. Wouldn’t you pay more to someone you trust? Be that person.

Sleepless In Cincinnati

Let’s say everything goes great. You took our advice above and made a great listing. You spoke to your buyer beforehand just to make sure you would live to see tomorrow. You met. They loved you and your car. They paid. Left. And have subsequently named their next child after you — time to celebrate (and hey, we’re always hiring talented salespeople). Or so you thought.

Because then the phone rings.

Something has happened with the vehicle, and they want you to pay for the repairs. Or maybe their significant other didn’t know about the purchase, and your buyer has buyer’s remorse. Doing the right thing, you take the call. Maybe you even help them out in some way.

And then the phone calls keep coming. So you ignore them now. The calls stop. Then a stranger shows up at the door with a flower delivery. So you open the door. Ask for you by name to confirm delivery. You say yes. And to your surprise, they don’t give you that nice bouquet. They hand you a legal summons and advise you that you’ve been served and need to appear in court.


Then the panic sets in. You call your friends who are lawyers. You research solutions online. And you soon realize you’re stuck. You sold a car online. Now you’re being sued. And you’re stuck. You have to appear. If you don’t, there’s a default judgment against you, and you owe them whatever they’re asking for.

But wait. You can hop in the time machine. Go back. And trade your car in to us when you take home any of our new cars for sale. Thank goodness.

Or Just Take Door Number Three

Let’s just make it even easier. Forget about buying a new car or one of our amazing used cars for sale. Let us evaluate your vehicle. Give you a fair market-based price. And call it a day. We take over your vehicle. You get paid. And walk away without having to do another thing. No more searching “how do I sell my car” online is required.

Here at Quantrell Cadillac, we believe in helping out our customers, whether you buy a car from us or not. If the last year has proved anything, it’s that life can get complicated. If you want to sell your car online the easiest way possible, sell your car to our dealership. We can process everything faster than you can say, “Thank goodness I don’t need a lawyer,” and send you on your way. Let us take the stress out of this for you. Our sales staff is standing by to help you make this easier than you ever thought possible.