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When you build a Cadillac online, you'll be treated to a first-class ride tailored precisely to your personal preferences. Every model provides a wide range of cutting-edge technology, luxurious trim, exceptional comfort, and stylish colors to be configured. When you have a perfect configuration for your ideal model in mind, reserving a Cadillac will let you enjoy it all exactly how you want it to be.

Whether you're ready to submit your preferences for an online order or want to discover how each model suits you in person, we're the premier Cadillac dealer in Kentucky to satisfy all your luxury desires. Submit your order on this page or in person at our dealership.

How to Custom Order Cadillac Vehicles:

It's easy to build a Cadillac.

With our order form, you'll select your perfect model, choose your ideal trim, and decide which features will make your driving experience as enjoyable as possible. The next step is to submit your contact information; we'll promptly be in touch. When one of our Cadillac sales consultants contacts you, you'll get to discuss all the other little details.

From colors to additional upgrades, we'll walk through everything involved and build a picture of what your perfect Cadillac vehicle looks like. Once you build a Cadillac to your precise preferences, we'll find the Cadillac model that fulfills your criteria and get back to you once it arrives at our dealership.

Your Cadillac Online Ordering Options

A new Cadillac for sale near Louisville can be custom ordered, no matter the model. We invite you to our Cadillac dealership for an in-depth tour and test drive to learn more about each model. Once you've decided which is suitable for you, the next step is to start daydreaming about your perfect configuration. Here's a quick taste of each model that you can custom order:

Cadillac XT4:

When you build a Cadillac XT4, you'll discover an agile SUV with a large stature. "Best-in-class" is more than just a high point of a Cadillac XT4; it describes the driving experience.

Cadillac XT5:

For a larger SUV, with equally impressive qualities to the XT4, build a Cadillac XT5. With sporty and luxurious trims available, it accommodates every lifestyle with ease.

Cadillac XT6:

It's the largest of the XT series. Build a Cadillac XT6 to enjoy a three-row luxury SUV experience with an agile difference. High-tech features, immense practicality, and more await.

Cadillac Escalade:

Build a Cadillac Escalade, and you'll discover how the pinnacle of SUV luxury truly feels. It's immense in size, and with standard V-8 power, cutting-edge features, and seats you'll sink right into, it's an immensely comfortable and exciting experience to boot.

Cadillac CT4:

First-rate handling is enhanced by first-class luxury when you build a Cadillac CT4. It's a compact sedan that handles every commute with agility and every road trip with breathtaking luxury.

Cadillac CT4:

Can a sedan outperform sports cars while pampering you with exceptional comfort? Build a Cadillac CT5, and you'll discover that the answer is a resounding "yes." With sporty trims, luxurious configurations, and everything in-between, all your road-going dreams can come true.

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