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Car Detailing In Lexington, KY

If you’re all about taking pride in your ride, then our comprehensive car detail service in Lexington will leave you speechless. Our team has been dazzling drivers in Lexington for generations, and it’s time you get the same treatment. Click here to schedule car detail in Lexington or read below as we reveal our secret process.

Our Exterior Car Detail Service in Lexington

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to cars, trucks, and SUVs, everyone does. Keeping your exterior finish protected is easier than you might think. Restoring it to its former glory is also a great way to save yourself from a complete respray. Here’s some insight:

  • Exterior Detailing – If your car’s surface is free from defects, a regular service will keep it that way for as long as possible. The correct way to detail the exterior of a car is with a wash that uses dirt-absorbing soaps followed by several stages of surface treatment. Typically, clay is used to remove particles from your clear coat. Then polish is used to further refine the surface. Multiple stages of glaze even out the finish while a final wax & seal protect everything from the elements. Lately, ceramic coatings (and even ceramic wax) provide an impenetrable barrier against the elements.
  • Paint Correction – If your exterior finish is badly worn, you need a paint correction. Paint correction includes all of the above and various treatments that can reverse or often repair lost clear coats and other problems. Wet sanding, color sanding, paintless dent removal, and more can often save you thousands of dollars while creating a lasting improvement to your vehicle’s condition.

Interior Car Detailing in Lexington

Even the best car detailing in Lexington would be incomplete without the highest level of attention paid to the cabin. Things like grease stains, dog hair, road-trip wounds, and hidden french fries can all be taken care of. We can shampoo your rugs, revive dirty leather, obliterate stains, and more. Depending on how much attention your cabin needs, this process can take as little as 30 minutes or as much as three hours in some cases. Let us take a look, and we’ll let you know which interior detailing package is best for you.

Complete Car Detail Service in Lexington

With the interior and exterior looking new, why not turn your attention to other components? Got yellow headlights? We can make them look new. Got damaged rims and curb rash? We’ve got the cure. Has it been ten years since you popped the hood? Our engine detailing services can make you (and your mechanic) very happy. Quantrell is the car detailer in Lexington, KY, that drivers turn to for exceptional service. Don’t you deserve the same?

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